Bombet Hospitality Group (BHG) was created in early 2013 by restaurateur Stephane Bombet. It is the only company to have won twice in a row the Best New Restaurant in America award ( 2013-2014). With 30 years of experience in the hospitality business, domestically and internationally, Stephane has a vast network of people he has worked with. Stephane has created and worked with over 25 restaurants, bars and night clubs in Europe and in the United States while consulting for many more.

Stephane proudly created and operated some of the best restaurants in Los Angeles in the past 15 years. Places like Faith & Flower, Picca, Ms Chi, Mochica, The Ponte, Nic’s on Beverly, Terrine, just to name a few.

BHG was created when Stephane saw the need for chefs and restaurateurs to work together in Los Angeles when the food scene in the City was mostly made out of neighborhood restaurants at the time for the exception of a few great Chefs, of course. Stephane believed that there was a bigger place for Chef driven restaurants in Los Angeles. In creating BHG, Stephane wanted to help chefs achieving their goals by providing services such as business development, creative design, launching strategies, staffing, training and all other services for front and back of house. BHG is a non stop consulting firm for restaurants and bars.

The hospitality industry is filled with gifted chefs and restauranteurs who are looking for someone to help them either launch their own concept or find the right partnership. BHG is the perfect partner for projects at all levels. 


Stephane Bombet


Stephane Bombet is the founder and owner of Bombet Hospitality Group (BHG). He co-founded the critically acclaimed Terrine, Faith & Flower, Hanjip, Viviane, Picca, Mo-Chica, Paiche and Blue Tavern restaurants in Los Angeles and Santa Barbara, just to name a few. Stephane preceded his LA success story with several world-renowned restaurants and nightclubs in Paris, France. He has over 30 years of hospitality experience, domestically and internationally, and over 20 restaurants, bars and night clubs that he has been involved with. Stephane also won the Eater Empire Builder award for his great creations all around the city of Los Angeles.

Prior to moving to the U.S., Stephane owned SB Communications, a well known public relations, marketing and branding firm in Paris that launched world famous VIP Room in Paris and St. Tropez. VIP Room became the most talked about nightclub/restaurant concept in France within just a few months. The lucrative concept and name eventually got exported into five other countries.

In July 2010, Stephane and his former partner launched the notorious Test Kitchen — to which The New York Times billed as “the best restaurant concept in the last ten years in America.”

Not one year later, Stephane opened Picca, a modern Peruvian cantina just outside of Beverly Hills with Chef Ricardo Zarate— mere months before his former chef/partner was named Food & Wine Magazine’s Best New Chef of the Year. Since Picca’s opening, it has earned unparalleled acclaim from Los Angeles Times, Wall Street Journal, Bon Appetit Magazine, 6th Best New Restaurants in America by GQ Magazine’s iconic food critic Alan Richman, 10th best New Restaurants in the World by Conde Nast Traveler and more.

In 2012, Stephane relocated Mo-chica on 7th street. It went from being a food court concept to a full on dining experience. It was also an instant success and Patrick Kuh from Los Angeles Magazine made it the 4th Best New Restaurant in Los Angeles that year.

In 2013, he opened Paiche and within months of the opening it was recognized as one of the Best New Restaurants in America by food critic John Mariani (Esquire Magazine).

In 2013, he sold his portion of the company, including Picca, Mochica, Blue Tavern and Paiche in order to create his new consulting company, Bombet Hospitality Group (BHG). 

In March 2014 BHG opened Faith & Flower. Stephane was able to work with talented chef, Michael Hung. After just a couple of months, it became one of LA’s most reserved restaurants. In October of that year, Faith & Flower became Esquire Magazine’s Best New Restaurants in America. Which made Stephane the only restaurateur in America to have received this prestigious award twice.

In 2015, BHG created Terrine with Chef Kris Morningstar and Partner Francois Renaud. Within a month of opening its beautiful patio doors, Terrine has already become the “it” place to be by not only celebrities and food enthusiasts but also industry supporters. Shortly after Stephane opened Viviane in Beverly Hills and Hanjip Korean BBQ in Culver City. Over the following years, he created The Ponte with award winning Chef Scott Conant, Ms Chi with Top Chef Shirley Chung and the highly regarded vegan restaurant Nic’s on Beverly.

When the pandemic hit, and after 30 years operating its own restaurants and bars, Stephane has decided to fully focus on his consulting business. He has since consulting for larger corporations and first time restaurant owners and find great pleasure in doing so. He is also writing his first book about the restaurant business in America due to be published in 2024.


At BHG Catering, we are dedicated to making your event as special as you dreamed about.

We haver catered way over a thousand events all around California for almost 15 years. From Coachella to Emmys and Grammys events, private dinners and many movie premieres, we have the right experience to make your event the most successful ever,

We only serve the freshest, seasonal ingredients, curated by well known chefs and we have access to the best locations in Los Angeles.

Our dishes are presented in the most elegant way, and our drinks are made by famed LA based mixologists. We can create new dishes and new cocktails to match your requests at all time. We have a high attention to details in everything that we do from plating, silverware, flower arrangements and overall decor for your party.

Our standards are high and we only work with the best professionals in town. Our staff has been hand picked by the owners themselves and they have more than 40 years of experience combined. Everyone has been trained to give our clients the best service experience possible.

Whether you are planning your wedding, a holiday brunch or throwing a party with some friends, BHG Catering is here to make it an unforgettable event.

For event inquiry, please contact Stephane Bombet at (310) 855-1900 or stefbombet@gmail.com


Investors are a key element to bringing restaurants to come to life! A great Chef, a great location, a great menu…and great partners. That’s what it takes.

Over the last 15 years, Stephane Bombet and his team have raised over 25 million dollars to create and launch some of the most successful restaurants in Los Angeles.

If you are interested in being part of a great culinary journey, please contact Stephane at 310 855 1900 or at stefbombet@gmail.com

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